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Truth & Reconciliation Through Traumatic Experiences
A form of civic conversation on Domestic Empowerment for the elimination of Domestic Abuse and Violence; A dialogue that reaches beyond ideological divide and exemplifies the flood of talk so necessary for truth and reconciliation through traumatic experiences.
"Sensational, riveting, thought-provoking, and power-filled.”" —Valerie Ann Yarborough, Author
Women's Issues
Isa Farrington-Nichols
Isa has developed an expertise on women’s issues: She presents a holistic model that will provide an initiation that centers on self discovery and self assessment; then uses that assessment to an internal assessment to amplify the external behavior. Introduction to an immersion and into an understanding of a new reality through self discovery. It will profess renewal and transformation on how to rebuild broken lives.
"This story will definitely move you!" —Willie Jolley, Best-Selling Author
A Call To Fathering
J-S Team
We have not many fathers! Young males are in need of fathering. A form of civic conversation on Abandonment and Gang Violence.
GENESIS: The Bullet Was Meant For Me: DC Sniper Story Untold
Isa Farrington-Nichols
I share my story about the connected lives of three African-American women. Mildred Muhammad, Keenya Cook and I were all sufferers of Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence. I share my story of the relationship I had with convicted murderer John Allen Muhammad, Mildred Muhammad and her family. I share my story about Keenya Cook, a young single mother whose decision to leave her emotionally, physically abusive boyfriend to find safety, and healing for herself and her infant child. I share my story of emotional, psychological abuse during a 20-year marriage; holding on to a union that was shattered with many cracks. My story of brokenness from the day my marriage ended to the faith, healing, and triumphant road to restoration.
"This book is full of wisdom and love. Don’'t miss this book!”" —Dr. Cornel West, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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