Jireh-Shalom Foundation
Social advocacy with truth and reconciliation
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Jireh-Shalom Web Log
The Outworking of Love
This web site promotes advocacy and serves as a resource to connect domestic abuse and domestic violence sufferers with educational materials and treatment programs to cure emotional violence, codependency, abusive relationships and manage anger.

The Jireh-Shalom Foundation provides financial and support for intervention to Women & Women with children who are victims of Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence. When a woman is leaving or has made the decision to leave, there are certain resources and support that need to be in place.

Jireh means PROVISION and Shalom means PEACE.

Jireh-Shalom focuses on GIVING, providing women and women with children who are suffering domestic abuse or domestic violence the resources and support necessary to open the way to healing. Jireh-Shalom Foundation knows that healing is a journey and comes from within. We are giving so that our families can heal, so that women can feel safe, so that law enforcement can know that there needs to be intervention immediately when there is a domestic dispute, especially involving custody of children.
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