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Book Review: The 'Why' Factor
America and the rest of the World stood still in fearful, gripping silence as a relentless killer took aim at the seemingly innocent. Serial Killer, Murderer, Terrorist, Extremist were just a few of the many negative connotations that circulated the "Gossip Center" that we call the media. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and every major broadcast company aired the remains of the onslaught upon the innocent. Law enforcement seemed to be just a few minutes behind on each encounter as the world watched our miscalculations of the would be assassins being described as anything other than African Americans.

Now more of the story is told in Isa Nichols' book, The Why Factor.

Deliberation, anticipation and discouragement wrapped around our nation's capital with uncalculated speed and precision. As the hype began to grow and suspicion mounted there was an overwhelming piece of the puzzle that had not yet been realized. That piece was a woman named Isa Nichols.

Isa's niece Keenya Cook was murdered in cold blood while living with her Aunt Isa. For months it seemed that the police where left without any clues, evidence or reasons for why such a crime would happen. It wasn't until John Muhammad and Lee Malvo were arrested just outside the nation's capital that the pieces of the puzzle began to magnetically connect.

The world was not aware of the fact that this man was a former soldier for our nation's military. The world did not know that he had kidnapped his three children from his wife and moved to Antigua (where he met Malvo), leaving her drowning in the misery of not knowing where her missing children were while living in a shelter for women. The world did not know that he was once a loving husband and local business man in the community. The world did not know that his wife made numerous attempts and filed many claims against him for mental, emotional and physical abuse. The world did not know that just prior to the killing spree he was summoned to court to give the children back to their mother.

And the world did not know that Isa Nichols holds the reason why it all happened. In fact, according to recently found document, she is the reason why it all happened. In her own words, that story will be formulated into a "Documentary/Feature Film/Book/Soundtrack" in which Isa will take the unknowing world from beginning to end, about its most widely publicized "Thieves of Innocence."

Her testimony at John Muhammad's trial sent shock waves through the jurors. Her Q&A with the media after the trial silenced deliberators. Her strength and resilience with law enforcement completed their theories, but left their systematic approach to the truth full of holes, miscalculations and shines the light on the word that has plagued our government for decades "CONSPIRACY".

To sum it up, domestic violence is the root of this evil, and Isa's crusade against it has just begun.

Shyan Selah is CEO of Brave New World Entertainment LLC
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