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GENESIS: The Bullet Was Meant For Me
As the execution date approaches for the D.C. Sniper, a Tacoma woman who knew him claims his first bullet was meant for her. Isa Farrington-Nichols tells her story in her new book, "Genesis: The Bullet Was Meant For Me, DC Sniper Untold Story."

For 23 days in 2002, snipers terrorized the Washington, D.C. area.


Prosecutors, hoping to persuade a jury to sentence convicted Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad to death, Tuesday tried to link him to the killing of a Washington state woman.

Sniper jury hears about West Coast slaying

Nichols, 'Why' Get National Press Attention
Isa Nichols, Jireh-Shalom, and Isa's 'The Why Factor' have received coverage in the national press. For example:

CNN Law Center -Isa Nichols points out Muhammad during the penalty phase of the convicted sniper's trial.

Post-Gazette -Malvo and Muhammad charged or suspected in nine shootings before D.C.-area sniper spree.

South Coast Today - Muhammad's ex-wife tells of life in fear, hiding

Washington Post - 'I'm Sure He Had Me in His Scope' - Muhammad's Ex-Wife Links Killings to Custody Fight