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Book Review: The 'Why' Factor
America and the rest of the World stood still in fearful, gripping silence as a relentless killer took aim at the seemingly innocent. Serial Killer, Murderer, Terrorist, Extremist were just a few of the many negative connotations that circulated the "Gossip Center" that we call the media. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and every major broadcast company aired the remains of the onslaught upon the innocent. Law enforcement seemed to be just a few minutes behind on each encounter as the world watched our miscalculations of the would be assassins being described as anything other than African Americans.

Now more of the story is told in Isa Nichols' book, The Why Factor.


GENESIS: The Bullet Was Meant For Me
As the execution date approaches for the D.C. Sniper, a Tacoma woman who knew him claims his first bullet was meant for her. Isa Farrington-Nichols tells her story in her new book, "Genesis: The Bullet Was Meant For Me, DC Sniper Untold Story."

For 23 days in 2002, snipers terrorized the Washington, D.C. area.


Prosecutors, hoping to persuade a jury to sentence convicted Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad to death, Tuesday tried to link him to the killing of a Washington state woman.

Sniper jury hears about West Coast slaying

Nichols, 'Why' Get National Press Attention
Isa Nichols, Jireh-Shalom, and Isa's 'The Why Factor' have received coverage in the national press. For example:

CNN Law Center -Isa Nichols points out Muhammad during the penalty phase of the convicted sniper's trial.

Post-Gazette -Malvo and Muhammad charged or suspected in nine shootings before D.C.-area sniper spree.

South Coast Today - Muhammad's ex-wife tells of life in fear, hiding

Washington Post - 'I'm Sure He Had Me in His Scope' - Muhammad's Ex-Wife Links Killings to Custody Fight
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