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Isa Farrington Nichols
Speaking & Training

Isa Farrington-Nichols is a cutting edge professional speaker, delivering excellent workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses. Isa is an excellent choice for topics that empower women, men, and families. Isa is an expert celebrity speaker, trainer on issues affecting women and their families. She brings to the table the personal experience to deliver a message of significant impact for both corporate and non-profit events.


  • Founder/CEO of Jireh-Shalom Foundation
  • Truth & Reconciliation Expert
  • Author of Genesis: The Bullet Was Meant For Me, DC Sniper Story Untold
Isa Farrington Nichols is the Founder and CEO of the Jireh-Shalom Foundation, dedicated to victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence. Jireh-Shalom provides resources for provision and peace for children, families, and communities in domestic abuse and violence prevention and intervention. She has recently closed a seven year chapter on abuse and violence in her life with the execution of DC Sniper John Muhammad in Virginia.

Ms. Nichols, Author of Genesis: The Bullet Was Meant for Me, The DC Sniper Story Untold, is the first targeted victim of Muhammad and his teenage accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo, her niece, Keenya Cook – also victim of domestic violence – was shot and murdered in a case of mistaken identity. Ms. Nichols has written about this tragedy and tells her story in Genesis as a mission to make the public aware that the DC Sniper’s first notorious tragedy started at her home in Tacoma, Washington with domestic abuse.

Isa Farrington-Nichols has brought her message of Truth and Reconciliation through Traumatic Experiences to professional associations, Universities, schools, churches, and conferences. Her story has appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Times, Seattle Times, the Seattle Medium, Howard University Newspaper, The Black College View, and AOL News. She has also been interviewed by the following: King5 Television, KOMO TV, KIRO7/CBS6 (Washington, D.C.), NBC Universal, the FOX News morning show, Fox & Friends, A&E Network, The Discovery Channel, B.E.T., and CNN’s Larry King Live.

Ms Farrington-Nichols is the Executive Director of the award winning Maxine Mimms Academies; providing education for suspended and expelled students returning to public school, a cause she championed after her traumatized 15-year-old daughter was suspended because she could not handle the pain from the trauma after the tragedy in their home.

Isa lives in Tacoma, Washington, and has two daughters, a son-in-law, and three granddaughters.

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