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Jireh-Shalom Foundation
Resource Help For Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence Victims
The Collaboratorium
Jireh-Shalom Foundation is collaborations in the transition and transformation of lives by the renewing of the mind. Most survivors of domestic abuse and violence are trapped in many ways. Depending on how long they have been in the abuse, you will find sufferers of "Battered Women's Syndrome". Abuse is the precipitation to the violence. There are deep emotional scars that are not visible like physical scars; women lack courage to leave, and stay in the relationship. We begin and end with Love.

Jireh-Shalom Foundation and the Maxine Mimms Academies are collaborators in a new vision for suspended and expelled youth. Jireh-Shalom Foundation is committed to youth that have suffered and survived trauma in their lives. Youth have personal and emotional problems resulting in their suspension and/or expulsion from public education. These children are "Left Behind" and on the pathway to juvenile retention centers.

Jireh-Shalom Foundation and Kingdom Life Ministries International (KLMI) are collaborators to provide provision and peace through two powerful programs. The Life Institute for Expressive Arts (L.I.F.E.) of Kingdom Life Ministries International and Sister Nations is one the most important and comprehensive approaches to community development in the world today. At L.I.F.E. innovative and expressive people learn to master themselves while finding purpose and fulfillment for their chosen fields. We provide exciting, creative, affordable alternatives to education and family building. For at-risk families, we are an alternative to customary colleges and universities.